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Visibility to a niche audience like never before!

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We are delighted to introduce Dawahnigeria to you as a unique medium for securing additional reach to your potential market.

Dawahnigeria, since it was launched 5 years ago, has built its reputations as Nigeria's most prestigious online Islamic project.

We currently have around 75,000 monthly pageviews.

We hasten to invite you, therefore, to add Dawahnigeria to your total media strategy, for maximum effect, owing to its unique advantages which, among other things, include;

  1.  You have immediate access to our national and global audience.
  2.  Our online advert rates are relatively modest.
  4.  Your ads can kill two birds with a stone by not only reaching our worldwide audience, but also serving as direct links to your corporate websites.
  5.  You have a choice of using still or animated (swf) advert designs/logos/icons, or a combination of them.
  6.  You have flexibility of design formats and sizes to suit your taste and special needs.

Please note that we would, as must as possible, try to adhere to Islamic principles in taking adverts. We would not take adverts from organizations that engage in haraam activities, to the best of our knowledge. Also, advert multimedia must be modest in appearance and avoid pictures of animate objects.

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For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected].

You can also reach us by phone through these lines: 08075724378, 02-2914037

Advert Locations

Portal Location Size (pixels) Cost (per week)
Main Beside Logo 468 x 60 N10,000
Main Sidebar 300 x 250 N6,500
Dawahcast Beside Logo 468 x 60 N10,000
Dawahcast Sidebar (Homepage only) 300 x 250 N6,500
Dawahcast Sidebar (Inner pages only) 180 x 250 N6,500
Daily Newsletter Inside Body 468 x 60 N10,000