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Saturday, 2014 Jun 07th

Strategic management deals with the organisation's behaviour within its external market, and its internal processes, structure and decisions in order to enable the organization to function at its...
Goal Setting dawahnigeria 0 comments

Thursday, 2014 Jun 19th

Last edition we began the discussion on the opinion of a Companion of the Prophet (sall alayhi wasallam)whether it is a binding shar'I evidence or not (i.e. when it does not contradict a clear-cut...
Way of the Pious Predecessors dawahnigeria2 0 comments

Tuesday, 2014 Jun 24th

There is an entrepreneur in almost everybody as most of us dream of Starting our own business. However, many entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas but no means of financing are faced with a dilemma: Do...
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Tuesday, 2014 Jun 03rd

Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah is a special journey; a journey like no other one. Hajj, which means to make a resolve to visit a holy place, in this case the Ka’aba in Makkah, is one of the pillars...
Worship and Jurisprudence dawahnigeria 0 comments

Friday, 2014 Jun 20th

There are those who say that tawheed is only one category -tawheed ar-ruboobiyyah. It is to acknowledge that Allaah is the Creator, the Provider, the Bringer of life and death, etc. They only refer...
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Friday, 2014 Jun 13th

“And remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you ...." (Q3:103). “A WAY OF THANKS” The poor and needy people of Madinah normally go to Rasulullah (PBUH) and his family for help. The Prophet (PBUH)...
Manners and Etiquette dawahnigeria 0 comments

Saturday, 2013 Jul 06th

  In this edition, we are presenting to you a story that shows the similarity between the religion that you and I are upon, and of course the nations that have gone past. This is the story of Eesa,...
Faith and Creed, Worship and Jurisprudence dawahnigeria 0 comments
We as Muslims share with the Jewish and Christian communities many points of commonality. These include: belief in God, belief that He revealed scriptures to humanity and sent a succession of...
Faith and Creed dawahnigeria 0 comments