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Groups and Sects

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Monday, 2014 Jun 16th

Now we will present you with present day example, which is the Qadiyanis [also known as the Ahmadis]. These people say as we say: "bear witness that there is no god that has the right to be...
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Wednesday, 2014 Jun 11th

Another characteristic of Jaahiliyyah is going to extremes with regard to their scholars and righteous people. Allaah has mentioned this extremism with regard to the scholars and righteous people in...
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Tuesday, 2014 Jun 10th

Schism is a formal within division or separation from a religious body on account of some differences of opinion with regard to matters of faith or discipline. It is a deadly disease, against which...
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Sunday, 2013 Aug 25th

In the last edition, we presented the thoughts of Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto, on the vexed issue of religion and violence in Nigeria. For this writer, two crucial points stand out in the...
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Saturday, 2013 Jul 06th

With all the descriptions (i.e. the shortcomings) that we have given about the Dajjaal, it shows that he will be a weak creature. Then how can somebody with all these descriptions now be Allaah the...
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