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Thursday, 2013 Nov 14th

The teachings of Islaam require from the Muslim a certain set of attitude and behaviour towards other people in society. Muslims are expected to interact with everyone responsibly, sincerely and in a...
Comparative Religion, Contemporary Issues, Fatawa, Islamic Character, Islamic Law, Manners and Etiquette, Miscellaneous, Non-Muslim, Positive Attitude, Prophetic Traditions, Sisterhood and Brotherhood, Social Dealings dawahnigeria 0 comments

Saturday, 2013 Jul 06th

  We seem to be in an unending celebrations and festivals! First, it was the `Eid-ul-fitr [the festival of ending the Ramadan fasting] in the month of September. Then the [Nigerian] Independence Day...
Celebrations, Comparative Religion, Disparagement and Refutation, Non-Muslim dawahnigeria 0 comments