Illness should not stop you from supplicating to Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) advised:

"Whoever, in a state of illness, reads the following forty times then should he recover, his shall Be forgiven and should he die, he shall be granted the reward of a martyr." (lbn Majah)

The prayer goes thus:

"La illaha illa anta, subhaanakaa inni kuntum mina zalimin." (Q21:87)

(40 times) (There is no deity except You, Glory be to Thee; indeed 1 am of those who have wronged their souls.)

If the following is read he shall be saved from the fire of Hell:

"La ilaha ilia Allah, Allahu akbar; La ilaha ilia Allah, wah dahu laa shariyka lahu; La ilaha ilia Allahu, lahul mulku walahul hamd; La ilaha ilia Allahu, walaa hawla walaa quwwata ila billah." (There is no deity except Allah, Allah is Great; there is no deity except ALlah, The One without partners; there is no deity except Allah, His is all Sovereignty, and to Him belong Praises; there is no deity but Allah, there is no wisdom nor power except Allah s.") Soonest recovery!


When people stand for salaat, Shaytan's habit is to creep into their thoughts and cause them to think much about worldly things. He drives away the love and remembrance of Allah from them and replaces it with the love of things of the world. So they forget the number of rakaahs said, make mistakes in recitation and thereby spoil their salaat. Or he induces people not to pray on time so much so that such salaat (prayed later) may not be accepted. Also he makes people pray hurriedly, looking here and there, filling their minds with thoughts of previous things to them except Allah.

Beware of Shaytan 's guile when you 'pray. Be aware of his ultimate goal. He calls his party only that they may be among the inhabitants of the fire (Q35:63). So when you are in salaat, concentrate well, fill your heart with Allah's remembrance and. seek refuge in Allah (Q23:97-98). When in congregation, stay close to each other and do not allow Shaytan into your ranks as the Prophet (PBUH) advised.




This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited