Our Creed

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Aqeedah is the well established affirmation knotted in the mind

The creed of a believer is the foundation of the Deen

It entails negation and affirmation inside out

None is worthy of being worshipped except Allah subhanahu wata'ala Alone

And Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.


Giving attention to Aqeedah is an obligation

Acquire knowledge about it to avoid corruption

To have the correct creed and belief is a core mission,

Lest other acts of Ibaadah become efforts in futility


Just like a structure with bad base of foundation

We all know and can recognize the implications

It may require padding like underpinning to function

Hence striving to have the right Aqeedah is essential.


Our aqeedah must conform with that of our Salafs

They were once foes and folks in outbursts and interests

Related by blood, tribe but not Deenwise

Loathing one another, warring for their varying paths

But Allah brought their hearts together with His favours

They became brothers loving one another like no other

Their correct and sound beliefs brought them together.


Upon us is to uphold their beliefs and standards

Calling to unity, ignoring the truth that we see so glaring

Is a call to falsehood and not to brotherhood

Nothing brings us together except the correct and sound 'Aqeedah

Which the Prophets and Messengers all came with

And their companions were all steadfast on this path


A United 'Aqeedah makes for a united Ummah.

Let us all be Muslims

Upon the Quran and Sunnah

Based on the understanding of the Salaf system in addition

In short I am asking you to being a Salafi

Not called Salafi without clinging to the Salafs

But a Salafi with the Salafus Saaliheen.


©Abu Mus'ab B.A.M.