To give anything you have is an act of charity. This is will by Allah and the compulsory part of it, zakaat is a pillar of Islam. Here are five characteristics of Charity

PURE INTENTION: Give with the pure intention of satisfying Allah since all actions not for Allah is wasted. (Q30:39)

NO SHOW OFF: Give privately without showing off your ability and wealth (Q76: 8 - 10)

NO HARAM: "Allah does not accept ... a sadaqat of embezzled money" So give charity only from clean income (Q2:267)

EVERYTHING: Charity is due on every organ of your body. So give all forms of charity, smile, good words, money help etc. (Q17:26 - 28)

NO TAKE BACK: Take not back what has already been given as Charity. (Q2:264)

These five guidelines on charity will keep you alive with Allah. So do these and stay alive.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited