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Monday, 2014 Jun 09th

Dammam, Saudi Arabia, an Egyptian man convicted of murder was beheaded penultimate week. According to a release from the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry, Al-Hayel ai-Sayed Mohammedain was found...
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Tuesday, 2014 Jun 10th

Praise be to Allaah. Hypocrisy is a serious sickness and a great crime. It means making an outward display of Islam whilst inwardly concealing kufr (disbelief). Hypocrisy is more dangerous than kufr...
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Question: What is the good treatment of daughters mentioned in the hadeeth of the Prophet [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] which says; "He" who has three girls, has patience with them,...
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Sunday, 2014 Jun 08th

“Eemaan consists of Speech and Action. This is the saying of the pious predecessors [salafus-saalih], those whose eemaan was affirmed by Allaah. When we say eemaan is speech, we mean the speech of...
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Thursday, 2014 Jun 12th

He had entered the house before he knew they had laid an ambush for him. There they were, six pairs of eyes looking as if set to do anything with him that night. "As-salaam "alaykum," he offered...
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Thursday, 2014 Jun 19th

The young street hawker - boy or girl - knows the gains of trading; even at that small age! "Cold pure water! Cold pure water!' Cold pure water!'!"; he shouts at the top of his voice, as he moves...
Islamic Character dawahnigeria2 0 comments

Tuesday, 2014 Jun 24th

"The Companions of the right Hand, what will be the companions of the Right Hand! (They will be) among lote-trees without thorns, among tall trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another in...
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Saturday, 2013 Jul 06th

Shaykh Abu Ubaydah, Mashhoor ibn Hasan as-Salman was born in Palestine in 1380H/1960 CE, though he emigrated to Jordan with his family when he was seven. At the age of ten, he began his formal study...
Comparative Religion dawahnigeria 0 comments