The Things These Children Make You Say and Do!

Here's yet another peep into some thoughts and moments with these children and the things they make you say... and do!

Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.

Mother: Come and 'drass' up! (Instead of saying 'dress')

OI&TO: Ha..!

OI: (Repeating it quietly under his breath) "Come and 'drass' up! Come on 'drass' up! Come and 'dross' up!

Mother: "Hen! Yes! Don't say any other thing again today you hear?"

Children say things that just blow your mind; they understand more than you think!

AA is five and he just lost his older sister. His mother is crying. AA puts his arms round his mother's neck and speaks into her ears.

AA: "Mama why are you crying? Wipe your tears! Didn't you say my sister is in the Jannah (Paradise)?" Later AA tells his mother: "Mama, I cried too ... I miss her!"

They play out scenarios that would never have occurred to you.

IO: (4yrs) playing with his baby brother who was putting his finger in his big brother's mouth. “Why are you putting your finger in my mouth? Are you a dentist?”

They say it the way they see it!

IB: "Daddy! Where we were living before, we didn't use to have light."

Daddy: ''Yes''

IB: "Now we are living in another place, and we don't have light again!"

Daddy: ''Yes''

IB: ''This NEPA people must be following us about!"

Hey have a way with words!

IB: (Reciting the Qur'an, his older brother joins him. He stops  ...) “Why are you reciting the one I am reciting?"

Older Brother: (6 yrs) "Hen hen! The Qur'an belongs to you hmmm?"

IB: (Keeping quiet for a while) "I know what to do; I‘ll recite the one you can't figure out!"

Mothers of teens know why some animals eat their young!

Mother: "How long will this food take before its ready?" (She had been waiting for lunch for over an hour)

Mother: (Thirty minutes later •••) “Haba! Are they just harvesting the food stuff from the farm?”

Really! Children can be impossible!

IB: (Talking to his brother) “Why are you kicking me?” “Mama, he kicked me on my head!”

Mother: (Talking to the older brother) “Why did you kick him?”

SI: “He kicked me first!”

IB: “I didn't do it deliberately!” “He beat me first on my head!”

Mother: “Really? And you didn't kick him deliberately, did you? Your leg just went on its own to kick him!”

Mother: “Come out of that toilet right now!” (Shouting at the closed door of the toilet, where she saw her two boys enter) No answer. “Didn't you hear me? I said come of the toilet; don't let me get up o! What is wrong with the two of you? Is the toilet a playground? You better ...”

The boys appear at the door of the room grinning from ear to ear, they had apparently not been in the toilet as mum thought all along!

IB: (Chuckling) “Mama was talking to the toilet!”

I love to give homemade gifts. Which one of my kids do you wants

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