Ruling on working in a Usurious Bank


Ruling on working in a Usurious Bank

  1. Can a Muslim Work in a Usurious Bank? NO

It is absolutely prohibited to work in Riba-based (usurious) banks, even in a job that does not entail direct involvement in Riba (interest/usury) transactions, is based on the fact that the work of an employee in such Riba-based institutions is never devoid of helping others commit prohibitions.The Fatwa of the Permanent Committee 15/41 reads: “It is impermissible for a Muslim to work in a Riba-based bank even if his job does not involve dealing with Riba directly, because he is providing the employees who are directly involved in Riba-based transactions with what they need to carry out their Riba-related work.” [End of quote]


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