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The frequency at which lightning strike

 Did you know that lightning  strikes three times in less than a twinkle of an eyei.e: less than a second!!!!


Origin of the month of January

January was derived from Janus which means the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology and depicted as having two faces looking at opposite ways, one towards the past and the other tow


The earlier Gregorian Calendar

The earlier Gregorian calendar had just 10 months, beginning with March.(


New Year Celebration

 New year celebration was celebrated in the month of March; not January in the early history.  (


Sayyida Nafisa

Sayyida Nafisa, daughter of Hassan bin Ali bin Abu Talib was the teacher of ImamIman Shafi'i  and also financially sponsored his education.   Great women in Islam



Dhu'l-Fiqaar is the only sword of the prophet which there is no proof for in the saheeh Sunnah.



The Messenger of Allah forbade blowing or breathing into a vessel. Sunan Abi Dawud 3728 Graded Sahih: Albaani   



Makkah was never the capital of any Islamic empire.
But Muslim rulers did regularly contribute to its upkeep.


Africa's first Masjid

Africa never had a (Masjid until some companions of prophet (Muhammad Who fled from persecution by the people of Hejazi in Makkah built a Masjid in Massawa, Eritrea.


The first question you will be asked on judgement day

The first question you will be asked on judgement day will be about your solaahAbu Dawood 864 I classed by Albaani



there are antibiotics in soil that clean up and kill the obstinate kind of bacteria has stated in the hadith of the prophet 1400years back: ground is made for me to pray and also a method for me to



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