Dawahnigeria Partnerships - KBC & IVC

Thu, 12/26/2013 - 04:58 -- dawahnigeria

We are delighted to inform you that The Edawah Foundation has partnered with DCL and MSSN on the IT infrastructure of their highly resourceful Knowledge Builder Course (KBC) and Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) program. We saw the urgent need to expand the audience of the rich Islamic content disseminated during these programs and project the message beyond the end of the program.

Through the partnership, we built web portals, http://kbc.com.ng and http://mssnivc.org, to achieve these goals. The portal is robust, interactive and easy to use. To facilitate access, a responsive design was be implemented; all mobile platforms (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry) would have tailored designs for better viewing and easier navigation. The portals were built free of charge, we are also handling hosting and other associated cost.
The portal is to serve the following purposes:

  • Enhance information dissemination in preparation for the event (and after) through the provision of lecture/program schedules, directions and other relevant information
  • Enable present and remote users to download recordings of lectures delivered.
  • LIVE streaming of events right from their website
  • Advanced Attendee Record Management System
  • Raise money through advertisement (optional)

Apart from the IT solution, we are also giving them some dawah materials for free distribution to attendees including:

  • Hundreds of our branded pens
  • Branded dawahnigeria polo shirts
  • Hundreds of the latest version (works on Windows 32/64bit, Mac, Linix) of our dawahnigeria disc packages. The discs contain the latest versions (1.1) of dawahnigeria DVD and Quranopedia.com projects.

Both programs are ongoing. Visit, benefit and remember to give a special dua for The Edawah Foundation. We need more support from Allaah in reaching our to more organizations.
May Allaah accept our actions and make easy our passion to deliver "dawah to the people"
abu haneefah
The Edawah Foundation