Finally, dawahnigeria starts the Premium Lecture Access program

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 15:12 -- dawahnigeria

The Premium Lecture Access program is a response to the yearnings of the people who have signified interest to part with a small token in exchange for constant stream of high quality dawah resources of specified centers. While our e-Ramadan Tafseer project has being successful year after year, we have had difficulty in replicating the success after Ramadan. Funding has been a major issue both on our side and on the side of our center representatives.

The initiative was brought up to assist in funding logistics involved for ***continuous and consistent*** (khutbah, halqah, misc lectures etc) availability of lectures for a center/resource person. Subscribed users for that center would have immediate access to the uploads while non-subscribed user would have to wait for 1 month. General lectures remain without ANY restriction. Access fee would be a token of N3000 for 3 months (per center). The proceeds are to be shared equally by the 3 parties:Center Representative, Dawahnigeria and Resource Person/Mosque Development.

How many N1000 (divided by 3) per subscription per month would cater for the massive logistics? This token should be seen as a donation to ease the propagation of Islam and not paying for services rendered. We appreciate and encourage people to seek more active means to support our cause.

Click here for some historical information on the program

We currently have 4 centers; others to follow VERY SOON in sha Allah. 

May Allah put his rahmah in this initiative and make real our dream of consistently creating secondary and tertiary audience for the prestigious dawah resources of our noble resource persons.

NB:The Premium Lecture Access was initially called HOTSPOT PLUS INITIATIVE


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