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Post date: 06/03/2018 - 17:48 gives you a unique access to our growing audience of Nigerian Muslims. Your adverts get displayed on our network of over 10 web portals and 90+ mobile applications.

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The E-dawah Foundation, NGO powering and other interesting projects, seeks 5 technology savvy and hardworking interns. 
The internship scheme provides an opportunity to be part of an innovative team working on furthering dawah frontiers in Nigeria and around the world.

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After running for almost 7 years, we are finally organizing an Open Day event. We are inviting YOU and the whole Ummah to our office, we humbly request the honour of your presence

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Bandwidth N60, 000 Notes: -We spent N48,000 on bandwidth last Ramadan -We plan to upload more than 50G of past/old lectures Ramadan Quiz Gift N51, 000 (N1,700 x 30) Hosting N28,050 ($170 at N165 to $1) Notes: -We currently pay $120/month -We are adding more capacity to cater to Ramadan traffic Stipend for temporary staff N40,000 Miscellaneous and Logistics N30,000 Total N209,050 Our proposed activities for this Ramadan, in sha Allaah • e-Tafseer: Daily upload of Tafseer recordings of various resource persons • Quiz Competion with daily prizes • Upload of over 50Gig of new audio resources • Launch of a downloadable article portal using resources extracted from Deen Communications publications (anNaseehah, Deen Digest, Legacy). • Launch an Android, iPad/iPhone, Windows and Blackberry app for our Quiz platform • Launch first phase of our Directory project • Launch Dawahnigeria Highlight portal (details later) • Remodel the Dawahcast and Quranopedia portal To support us: GT Bank Name: Dawahnigeria (Edawah Technologies) Account Number; 0051271861 Please visit Support | for more donation channels. Allaahumma balligna Ramadan abu haneefah ibraaheem ath-thaqaafee Coordinator The E-dawah Foundation [email protected] 08075724378, 02-2911864 "Reviving the Ummah, byte by byte"