Sponsor e-Tafseer [LIVE/Recorded] for a center throughout Ramadan with just N30,000!

Sun, 05/27/2018 - 11:00 -- dawahnigeria

When you sponsor e-Tafseer for a center

- You get to facilitate the spread of best of words [Quran] at the best of times [Ramadan]
- You get rewarded for all those who listen to the lectures, within and after Ramadan, till the end of eternity. [1.3 million downloads/plays last year Ramadan only and several millions after!]
- You get commission on all those who perform ibaadah based on what they have learnt from what you facilitated!

You can want these and lots more for yourself or sponsor on behalf of your parents, family etc.
You can also team up with other people to sponsor a center
This is real deal sodaqotul jaariyay, in sha Allah.

DN e-Tafseer is an initiative of The E-dawah Foundation to broadcast, LIVE/Recorded, the highly beneficial Ramadan tafseer sessions of prominent scholars that go on in different sections of the country and in different languages.

DN pioneered e-Tafseer in Nigeria 8 years ago.
We have grown from 1 center in 2010 to 51 centers in 2017.
In sha Allah, we are targeting 100 centers this year!

It cost N30,000 to sponsor a center
With this, you would enable people from all over the world listen to the tafseer sessions of the center LIVE & recorded, daily throughout Ramadan! Sweet jaariyah reward even after

GT Bank / Edawah / 0051271861
Stanbic / Edawah / 0011002005

Visit http://www.dawahnigeria.com/support for other donation channels [Paystack, Paypal, ATM etc]

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 08125793019
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