About us

Our presence on the internet is very weak, which is a shame for a Nation that is supposed to be the best nation ever sent out to mankind. I am addressing here those people who have a real concern for spreading Islam, and not just anyone . . .  if we acknowledge that Islam must become the international religion which all people should adopt, we must convey it to mankind using all available means and methods.”(1)


All thanks and praises be to Allah. May his peace and blessing be on the noble Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam), his companions and those who follow his path till the day of resurrection.

The dawahnigeria.com project arose out of a desire to provide a platform for reaching out to the teeming Nigerian Muslim populace. It aims to be a convergence point for Muslims in Nigeria and around the world to learn more about the beautiful religion of Allah among other features.

The project is being executed and maintained by Edawah Technologies, the technology partner of the main body, The Edawah Foundation.

The Edawah Foundation

This foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) formed to expand the frontiers of IT in the propagation of Islam through increasing the IT awareness of Muslims and championing dawah activities in Nigeria through the application of world-class IT practices



  • Convergence point for Muslims
  • Better propagation of dawah
  • Enhancement of IT skills amongst the Muslim populace
  • Creation of jobs for the Muslims
  • Making the works of indigenous resource persons available internationally
  • Encourage intellectualism through e-publishing of quality resources
  • Providing online Islamic courses to make it easier to learn about Islam
  • Partnering with other dawah efforts to achieve better results
  • Raise money to accomplish other Edawah Foundation projects

Support and Contribution

The enormity of the project has made its full execution impossible with the resources at our disposal now. We are in need for assistance in the execution of the remaining phases and maintenance of our current infrastructure.

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