In the Depth of Darkness

They are in the depth of darkness though they perceive it not. Deeper and deeper they plunge into the darkness. Their eyes are closed tightly. Their ears hear not and their hearts are sealed They attribute to their Lord what is not for Him. They soy He said what He said not. They so He did what He did not. And deeper and deeper they go into the darkness.

Though they know it not They think they serve God. But lo! They know not their path is not right. And never will their deeds be accepted from them. And deeper and deeper they plunge into the darkness. Though they perceive it ,not People in all walks of life have tried to show them the light.

The truth, though bitter stands out distinct from error. Your path is not of God, repent while you are able. Wait not, for God is strict in punishment. But deeper and deeper they go, for their hearts are sealed t, Alas! One mighty day when the trumpet shall be blown. And all shall arise to give account of themselves. Those who denied the truth shall see it. But it will be too late, too late for a second chance. The disbelievers shall not die neither shall they live. What a terrible torment to bear for ye.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited



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