It's eid day, Alhamdulillaah! Everyone is preparing to wear his or her best and go out proudly chanting the takbir to the "eid ground. You see the faces of our fellow Muslims I with their various expressions, some intense, some joyful, and some just moving along with the flow. Others are taking advantage of the takbir to make unnecessary noise. Then we get to the eid ground and soon enough the prayer is over, and people are getting up.

They do not even bother to listen to the sermon, rather its pictures galore. What really are we supposed to have gained by this time?


Are you one of those that finish up Ramadan with eid ulfitr parties till the dawn of the next day? Do you drop your,. hijabs and go back to the jahiliyah (ignorant) way of life; the raves, free mixing etc? Are you one of those happy to see the tail end of Ramadan? If so, be afraid that you might not have gained more than the hunger pangs felt during the Ramadan days. When the month of Ramadan is over, the spirit of the month isn't supposed to be.

It is supposed to guide us and serve as the fuel to sustain us until the next Ramadan. It is supposed to cleanse the soul and bring out the new you as a newborn; sinless and uncorrupted. By now, sincere Muslims should be shining examples in that they maintain acts cultivated while in the month e.g. good manners tahajjud, sadaqa, Quranic recitation, fasting and other acts of ibaadah and also eager to fast the six days in Shawwal. Allah says in the Quran about the reasons for Ramadan, "that ye may learn self-restraint " (Q2:183) and "and to glorify Him In that he has guided you" Q2: 185)

The thirst for the vanities of this world should have vanished and you should start working to keep it that way. It could be a .difficult battle but insha Allah, you will prevail. As you strive to maintain the new you, the occasional setbacks will occur, and it may be so serious that you might feel there is no more hope; yes, you do try to avoid the major sins, but the minor ones keep cropping up... You have to strive to keep them under check for the Rasul (peace be upon him) has advised: "Beware of Shaytan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope of that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things. "(Bukhari) Always turn to Allah in repentance and insha Allah, your prayers will be answered.

Let your good conscience help you to distinguish good from bad so you may remain the brand new you. Dont forget to memorize at least one ayah a day, read ahadith, and most importantly, stay close to and keep, as your best friends, practicing Muslims, so that youll constantly keep one another on track. You now know how the hungry feels when he is deprived of food. You also learnt to control your animal urges and passion; and trained your mind towards taqwa and insha Allah, have earned the reward of Allah- forgiveness. Post-Ramadan is meant to blend with pre-Ramadan and Ramadan.

Let the enthusiasm be there, start off with listening to the khutbah on eid day, it is very important. In fact it is so important that it was reported by Umm Atiyah (RA) that, "we were ordered to go out with the single and menstruating women to the two eids in order to witness the good and the supplications of the Muslims. The menstruating women should be separate from the others." (Bukhari) So you see, even menstruating women arent exempted this time!

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