Letter To My Lover

Assalam alaykum warahmotullah, in the past few months, we have upped our editorial contents and made significant remodification on our images. We can now boast of several image types aimed at performing specific functions to a specific audience. We have gone beyond random posting, now we have a structured mode of posting and Alhamdulillah, we can see we are on track.


Unfortunately for us, Facebook has made her content dispersion so mean that the only way to achieve great stride is to follow an old African adage that says “ile la ti n keso rode”- Charity begins at home. On this note, we are imploring everyone to encourage the DN team by liking and sharing our various posts on Facebook and all other platforms.


Here are our social media handles:

Facebook: Facebook.com/dawahnigeria

Twitter: Twitter.com/dawahnigeria

Youtube: Youtube.com/dawahnigeria

Instagram: Instagram.com/dawahnigeria


We pray Allah to ease your affairs as you spread the knowledge of Islam far and wide


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