The fear of Allaah is the foundation of all success. It is attained through conscious effort to keep within the bounds of Allaahs guidance and seek His Ridwaan (pleasure) at all times through following the path of Rasulullaah (salallaahu alayhi wa sallam). However, to complement this effort, always remember to ask for Allaahs divine assistance in this quest. This prayer is particularly relevant: Allahumma inni; asaluka khashyataka fil ghaib; wash shahaadati, wa asaluka kalimatal haqqi fir rida wal ghadabi, wa asaluka qasda fil ghina wal faqri, wa asaluka naeeman la yanfadu, wa asaluka qurrata ainin la tanqatiu, wa asalukar rida baメdalqadaal, wa asaluka bardal aishi badal mauti, wa asaluka ladhatan-nazari ila wajhika washshauqa ila liqaaika fi ghairi darraa mudirratin wa la fitnatin mudillatin. Allahumma zayyinaa bi zeenatil imaan wajalna hudaatan muhtadeen.

"Oh Allaah, may my heart tremble before You for what is hidden and in what is apparent. May I live by the word of truth in times of contentment and of anger. May I endeavour in wealth and in poverty. May I know blessings never ceasing and may I know an unfailing pleasure of children. May I know pleasure at Your judgment and may I know the freshness of life after death. I ask You for the delight of gazing upon Your countenance and for the joy of meeting You beyond fear of harm and trials to befall me. Oh Allaah, dress us in the finery of Faith and bless us with true guidance" (An-Nasai)

Islaam is all about faith and practice. Ones fear of Allaah is not a matter only for the heart. The purity of the inside must be reflected on the outside in ones character and conduct with other beings. So pray for that too: "Allahumma ahdini liahsanil-akhlaaqi la yahdi liahsania illa Anta, wasrif anni sayyiaha; la yasrifu anni sayyiaha ilia Anta. Labbaika wa sadaika,wal khairu kulluhu biyadaika. wa sharru laisa ilaika;ana bika wa ilaika,tabaarakta wa ta alaita. O Allah! Guide me to the perfection of my character, for none may guide me to its perfection but You. Protect me from the evils of my character, verily none may protect me from its evils but You. I stand before You and beseech You. All goodness is in Your Hands, evil cannot touch You. I place myself before You, Yours utterly. You are Most Blessed, Most Exalted." (Muslim)




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