Abu'l-Faraj 'Abdu'l-Rahman ibn Al-Jawzi wrote: every breath we take is taking us closer to death. The time we spend in this world is short, the time we are held in our graves is long, and the punishment for following our lowly desires is calamitous.

And so it is, this life is ephemeral and every soul shall surely taste death. Not everyone will be rich, not everyone will procreate, not everyone will be knowledgeable, but everyone, and surely everyone, will die. That is inevitable.

Our history as mankind started with the creation of our forefather, Adam (peace be upon him) from clay, and his wife, Eve (peace be upon her), from him. And as it was for them, it has been for all their progeny, and it is for us, that there will be for us, on earth, a dwelling place and an enjoyment for an appointed time.

Furthermore, there is for us, as there is for all mankind and jinns, a purpose of creation. This purpose is to worship Allah; to obey His commandments and abstain from His prohibitions.

Thus, a similitude of our case with our Lord, and there is no one like Him, is a slave who belongs to a master. The master provides food, clothes and shelter for him, and he has absolute control over his life; he decides if he lives or dies.

If such a slave is sent to undertake a sojourn for his master with specific instructions, and he has the knowledge that the sojourn is surely for an appointed time, and that he will definitely return to his master to give account of the sojourn, and that the master has the best knowledge of his actions during the sojourn, and that the master will punish him if he does anything contrary to the instructions given during the sojourn, will he then go against the commandments of his master?

Respected brothers and sisters in Islam, you were dead, and Allah gave you life. Sooner or later, He will cause you to die, then again, He will bring you to life on the Day of Resurrection and then, unto Him you will return to give an account of your deeds. How then can you go against the commandments of Allah?


May Allah aid our strive towards perfection. Aammeen.


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