Deola, the story of a new muslim

My stay in France was so enjoyable that I did not want t to end. It came to an end anyway. I had to rush back home and start school as well as to prepare for Ramadan. It is going to be my first fast since I became a Muslim and I do not know how much cooperation I will get from my family. Before I left for France they all acted as if things were normal and that had not become a Muslim at all. Anyway that is a worry for another day. France was so much fun that the days went too fast. Dont worry; I will serve you the gist from time to time. " In the last week of our stay, a day was set aside for delegates.

The organizers had arranged a bus tour for whoever wished. Anne and I had other plans; of course they included some sight-seeing and shopping. Imagine not getting anything for AI-Ameen! ... and Brother Akin, in spite of his behaviour before I came down. I also had to get souvenirs, at least for Mum and Dad, Princi, my cousins especially Toun who seems unusually interested in my "new deal" as she likes to call my reversion to Islam. I pray Allah softens her heart to accept Islam (Amin). That sure would be great! I made sure I got something particularly nice for her, especially something I can use to further explain the beauty of Islam. I did not get to meet Uncle Tunde's Family.

His wife and kids (they look lovely from their photographs in their family album) had gone away to America on vacation for a few weeks. Uncle Tunde had a really juicy, and I mean juicy, outing mapped out for Anne and I. It was supposed to be our send-off outing. Lunch was planned at one of the popular restaurants in the neighborhood.: Uncle Tunde wouldnt tell us what was so special about the restaurant, he was being all very mysterious. Oh well, well soon find out! finally we got there. It was a really nice and small place, but nothing special. Anyway, we made our orders and waited for lunch to be served. Uncle Tunde kept checking his wrist-watch for the time. "Is anything the matter, Uncle?", I asked. "Not at all my dear, I am just expecting some people to join us for lunch", he said. Just then, a couple walked in.

They were dressed like those Indonesians! The woman was well wrapped up in a black hijab and the man had one of those little white caps. They approached our table and the man extended his hand to Uncle Tunde who got up to hug him. "Girls, meet my very good friends, Dr and Dr Abdus-Salam. They are both medical doctors and obviously Muslims. I have noticed the zeal in you to know more about Islam so I invited them over.

I am sure they will have answers to some of your questions." How thoughtful of Uncle Tunde! I wished hell become a Muslim too someday. We talked over lunch. I asked about the hijab from Mrs Abdus-Salam. "It is a command from Allah our Creator that we women must cover ourselves: Check it up yourselves in your copies 01the Quran. Im sure you have one. The references are Q?4:31, 33:59.

We women are like wrapped sweets. Everyone wants a wrapped sweet and nobody will like to take one that is lying on a dirty floor unwrapped," she explained. Ilike the way she put it. Wrapped sweets! "But don't you feel hot in there sometimes?", Anne asked as though she understood my own fears too. "My dear sisters, don't you think it is better to feel the temporary mild heat here than face a severe everlasting one in Jahannam (Hell fire), may Allah forbid?" she replied.

Even with the hijab, she is happily married, well read and she is even a doctor. I asked many other questions and they answered in details with evidences. We had a wonderful lunch with the Abdus-Salams. I couldnt have a better parting present from my dear Uncle Tunde. The day before we left France, Anne and I got presents from the Abdus-Salams. They had sent us hijabs! I had made up my mind to join the pack of wrapped sweets and Anne had decided to do the same too. I hope they understand at home, else we may have a fresh crisis. Its just a few days now to Ramadan.

I cannot wait to start reaping its rewards. Finally back home, Mum was over-joyed to see me. "Ive missed you so much, my little girl", she said. I had missed hertoo "How was your trip? I hope you had plenty of fun. What about your Uncle, I hope he is fine too"; she rushed all her questions at once "Everyone is fine mum, how is dad? Is he back from Ibadan?",I asked a few of my own. I couldnt wait to see him. Nothing seemed to have changed.

Dear Lagos was still as hostile as ever with the usual traffic jams. We spent over an hour getting home from the airport. I got home to the same No Light situation I left Lagos with. May Allah rectify our condition!

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