Last week on #dnopinion episode 2

Last week on #dnopinion episode 2

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah! My dear Muslim brothers and sisters. We decided to shift attention to the brothers. I would be your host once again as I have accumulated different responses from Muslim brothers and sisters across all our different media platforms. So let's get started. If you have not read last week’s edition. Head here, do not be left out!

Allah enjoined the pious brothers to marry amidst the pious Muslimah. It is an imperative order that we get married when the time is ripe which is relative to individuals. Al-Bayhaqi narrated in Shu’ab al-Eemaan from al-Raqaashi: “When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allaah with regard to the other half.” Al-Albaani said of these two hadeeths in Saheeh al-Targheeb wa’l-Tarheeb (1916): “(They are) hasan li ghayrihi.” 


There are a plethora of conditions to be satisfied by both parties before marriage could be set to happen between the two opposite sex. You can listen/download various lectures that have discussed extensively on the issue of marriage and all the activities that led to it and how to be happily married. Such lectures have been delivered by different scholars in different languages, that could be found here.


As usual, we sampled people’s opinion across our media platforms and here are what we have:

Rashductluv gave an explanation of what we feel is a summary to all

1.Sound Religious Commitment.

2. Having a reliable & Halal source of income.

Mrs Muhinah on Whatsapp has this opinion

Mr. Sanni gave his Opinion as this

Mr. Adebayo Sodiq has this to say

Feel free to add yours!

Let’s meet again next week Saturday for another edition of the #dnopinion. If you do have any questions, kindly send a message to [email protected] . We would in sha Allah look into it

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