2007: President Jerry Danjuma
The United States of America has denied news reports that it is promoting the ascension of a northerner as Nigeria's head of state in 2007 on the sole condition that the candidate must be a Christian.
Quoting unnamed "sources at the U.S. State Department" the Daily Independent reported on 13/10/2005 that US officials view the story as 'a sinister motive' to drag the administration into the internal affairs of a friendly nation and 'inflame anti-American sentiments in Nigeria.
The original reports had it that the US desires to ensure the ascension to power of a candidate that would be pliable to the demands of the war on terror and that can checkmate Islamic fundamentalists said to be fast establishing bases in the Northern states. Former Defence Minister Theophilus Danjuma who is a leading light of the Northern State Christian Elders' Forum (which is said to have grass roots support in all the 19 Northern states) is the main candidate.
This prominent leader of the Middle Belt is also believed to support the war on terror and to command nationwide respect. The alternate choice is believed to be former Information Minister and quasi-official orator of every government in power since 1986 or so, Professor Jerry Gana.
America's denial was made public on the same day that the Chief of Defence staff raised alarms of Nigeria's susceptibility to terrorist attack. Speaking at the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop on the Nigerian perspective on global terrorism, General Ogomudia attributed Nigeria's seeming immunity to terrorism so far to "luck". He nevertheless requested Nigerians to be watchful and vigilant.As reported. the basis of the General's alarm is the interview granted the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) by former American ambassador Princeton Lyman (discussed in An-Naseehah Yol 4 No 4).
Do you feel the storms gathering ... ?
Korea down; Iran to fall?
North Korea, the hungry pariah with a nuclear ambition seems to have come to the end of its stubborn confrontation with the international community. After long-running talks the country agreed to disarm its nuclear weapons in exchange for economic and other incentives. To concretize the arrangement, a watery agreement has been penned and signed.
As with other matters of this nature, facts in the public domain are sketchy. And, if the wheels of international diplomacy grind on at their usual pace, details of the agreement may not be resolved for a long time to come; but an .agreement has been reached nonetheless.
North Korea will stop the development of nuclear weapons and may soon accede international anti-proliferation treaties. This marks the first landmark to success in over two years of negotiations. Meanwhile, Iran, the third leg of President Bush's 'axis-of-evil' still maintains an obstinate resolve to retain its nuclear technology for whatever purpose.
Indeed, Iran's new "hardliner" president used the podium of the United Nations General Assembly to claim' an "inalienable. right" to produce nuclear fuel. So, now that the North Koreans have apparently "been defeated, what next? Some of us had maintained that much as" America may" desire to wish to deal with Iranian regime with military force, it would be difficult to do this for as long as North Korea keeps tip its resolve. But that justification is 'gone" now. Iran's perceptibly Muslim leadership will have a hard time explaining why they should still be treated with kids' gloves after North korea has genuflected. The US will be hard pressed to take decisive action against the state source of so much extremism and funding for terrorism.
Especially now that Israel has evacuated the Gaza strip, the excuses for cuddling Iran wear thin. The UN Security Council is being requested to take punitive action against Iran; sanctions and use of military force remain alternatives.
Do you feel any storms gathering?
When the Storms made Landfall. ''Take whatever idiot they have at the top of whatever agency and give me a better idiot. Give me a caring idiot. Give me a sensitive idiot. Just don't give me the same idiot." An American official  complaining over the Federal 'Government's response to hurricane Katrina, At least it had a name: a hurricane named Katrina. The flooding of a large chunk of America, followed by a saddeningly slow, uncoordinated and deadly response. It is said that more lives were-apparently lost to negligence than flooding. an indictment of a government fixated on a phantom terror war. In contrast to Katrina the massive earthquake that hit Asia two weeks ago had no name. Between 30,000 to 40,000 people died in Pakistan alone. A few (!) more lives were lost in India and Afghanistan. The banality of human suffering. Some dug through the night with their bare hands as they attempted, without success, to reach friends and relatives trapped in the rubble. Help also, failed to arrive of time.
Then, in Central America and Southern Mexico hundreds of people died in the wake of a hurricane called Stan. The storms gathered and wrecked havoc. The victims were in areas too remote to be accessed by rescuers and aid workers. Those who did not drown were buried by mudslides. A town in Guatemala had to be declared a mass grave. Are you still just reading or are you praying for the victims and giving thanks?
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