Idling Time

Unfortunately in this dunya, we find ourselves more and more idling with our time. Whenever we have time to spare we seem to waste it by doing nothing or needless things. However it’s very easy for us to waste these precious moments. There goes a saying that ‘Time is money.’ For Muslims, time is worth much, much more! 

While it seems like we have all the time now in the world, hence, being idle. When the time is gone we realise how very little or no time at all is left and when we do realise, it might be too late. Even if we did have all the money in the world, we could never buy time back. 

"There are two blessings which many people lose: health and free time (for doing good)." (Bukhari 8/421)


When we die and meet Allah, we must answer to Him and tell Him what we did with our health, our wealth and with our youthful age. If you acknowledge that you did not waste time, then do not despair! This is the first step to making use of our spare time effectively. One of the best ways to making use of our time is to increase our knowledge by constantly reading the Qur’an, books of knowledge, learning duas and doing dhikr.

People underestimate the strength of dhikr; if we knew the importance and reward we would get, we would be doing dhikr and nothing else all day, by Allah. A tip would be to put Qur’an or a “Citadel of the believer” in your right pocket, so wherever you go you’ll feel them and remember to do dhikr. 

So instead of wasting our time being idle, gossiping about which celebrity’s haircut looks best, what cars are best, who is the best footballer, remember Allah instead and constantly pray and do dhikr to Him. These are the actions that can save us from the punishment of Allah. Let us make good use of our time through worship so that we can smile and be with our Prophet PBUH under the shade of Allah’s Throne, instead of weeping with the losers who will only burn from Allah’s rage.

I ask ALLAH to make us see and understand the truth and be able to follow it. Ameen.


Amuda Tharheer

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