WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING US: The concept of quarantine was first developed in 1403 CE in Venice, a law was passed preventing strangers from entering the city until a certain waiting period had passed. If, by then, no sign of illness could be found, they are allowed in.

WHAT IS CORRECT: The concept of quarantine was first introduced in 7th century CE BY the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), who wisely warned against entering or leaving region suffering from plague. As early as the 10th century CE, Muslim physicians innovated the use of isolated words for individual suffering with communicable diseases.


What They are Teaching us: The scientific use of antiseptics in surgery was discovered by the British surgeon Joseph Lister in 1865.

What is correct: As early as the 10th century CE, Muslim physicians and surgeons were applying purified alcohol to wounds as an antiseptic agent. Surgeons in Islamic Spain used special methods for maintaining antisepsis before and during surgery. They also originated specific protocols for maintaining hygiene after operation. Their success rate was so high that important people throughout Europe came to Cordova, Spain, to be treated at what was comparable to "Mayo clinic" of the middle ages


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