Why the Answer to Your Duaa May be Delayed [4]

Allaah's Choice is Better
This isgreat secret that very few people appreciate or implement in their lives. For verily, Allaah is more mercful to His servant than a mother isto her child, and He will only decree for them what is best for their needs in this world and the Hereafter. So even when a trial or tribulation afflicts a Muslim, this is better for him than it not having happened.
So, O servant of Allaah, next time your duaa is not answered, ask yourself: "Is it not possible that Allaah knows' that this matter which I am asking for is not for my benefit? And is He not the Most Merciful of all that have mercy? So', In this prevention of my duaa being answered, there might be great good for me!"
Just like a parent must not fulfil all the desires of his child since some of them are harmful for him, so too  and to Allaah belongs the greatest example  must a person realize that not all his duaa are really for his benefit.
And once a person truly and fully realizes this, that Allaah cares for him more than he cares for himself, then he has gone a long way towards perfecting his eemaan.
You Do Not Know the Result of Your Duaa
This is another factor that you should take into consideration, and that he does not know the consequences of any duaa that he makes. It in only A1laah, the Alim, the Knower of all, Who knows the result of a person's duaa.
Ponder over the story of the youth that was killed by Khaadir, Musa's teacher. Without a doubt, the youth's parents must have suffered greatly at his death. Yet, Allaah knew that, had the boy lived, he would have caused great ditress and hardship to his parents.
Therefore, it was Allaah's Mercy that the youth was not allowed to grow up to harm his parents, for had he done so, and turned to disbelief, the grief caused to such pious parents would have been worse than the grief of an innocent death. "And as for the boy, his parents were believers; and We feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief ” (Q18 [kahf] :80)
Therefore, it can be seen that a person's knowledge of good and evil is relative, whereas Allaah's knowledge Is infinite. So a person should resign himself to the fact that His Creator knows the actual consequences of his duaa, and as such his Lord's decision is better than his own.
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