Why Answer to your Duaa May be delayed


Waiting For Response

When a person eagerly and anxiously awaits a response to his duaa, this necessitates a strong hope in Allaah, and an optimism of Allaah's Mercy and Blessings his feeling is, in and of itself, an act of worship, and the longer that the response is delayed, the stronger these feelings become if the person wishes to continue in his duaa. In this way his eemaan is strengthened without him even realising it!

Showing One's Need to Allaah

The essence of worship is to humble oneself before, Allaah, and realise one's extreme need of Allaah's Help and Mercy. And when the response to a duaa is delayed, this increases this awareness, and a person realises that there is no one besides Allaah that can help him, or respond to his duaa, so his eemaan in Allaah increases in this manner.

Simultaneously, with this realisation comes the awe and meekness that is required in Allaah's presence, as also humility and humbleness, for a person realises his own weak and fragile nature.

Had every duaa of a person been answered immediately, this would lead to arrogance, and cultivate a feeling of self sufficiency and conceit! It would cause the person to forget the relationship he should have with Allaah, and, in fact, might even lead him to think that he has a right upon Allaah to answer his prayers. If a person were to become so arrogant, then there would be no hope for him in the Hereafter, for no person will enter Paradise with an ounce of arrogance in his heart.

Shaykh al-Islaam ibn Taymiyyah said: "So a servant is always in need of his Lord, from every perspective. This is because He is the object of his worship, and the source of all of his help. So 'no one can bring him any good except Him, and nothing can better the situation of the servant except His worship.

And on top of all this, he is always in need, sinning, and he is in need of the One who always forgives, the One who is Ever-Merciful. The One who always forgives (al-Ghafur) will forgive his sins, and the Ever-Merciful (ar-Raheem) will show him mercy and bless him and be kind to him. So the servant is eternally between the blessings of his Lord and the sins of his soul." (Hamad)

Pleasure of Allaah's Decree

One of the most important pillars of eemaan is to be content with Allaah's Decree. This is because the slave realises and appreciates that whatever Allaah has chosen for him is for his own good, whether he can see this good or not. So there is a blind faith in whatever Allaah decrees, and a total satisfaction with whatever occurs.

Therefore the delay in responding to a duaa is one of the opportunities in which a believer must display his contentment at the Decree of Allaah and not to show anger or annoyance. The one who is pleased with Allaah as his Lord, and with the Decrees of Allaah in his life, will attain the pleasure of Allaah in this world and in the Hereafter, but one who is displeased and angry, will only attain Allaah's displeasure and anger.


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