What Prevents Duaa From being Answered

From Last Edition: Abandoning the etiquette of Duaa

If a person opposes the proper etiquette of duaa, then this is a very obvious cause of his duaa being responded to. So it is important that a person check his duaa with all of its attendant preconditions and etiquettes, and be thorough in conforming to the manners of a proper duaa. In conclusion, we quote Ibn al-Qayyim: "And such is duaa, for it is one of the strongest factors that repels evil, and brings about desired good. However, it is possible that its effects are not seen, either because of a weakness in the duaa for example, the duaa is not beloved to Allaah, since it contain in it transgression, or because of a weakness in the heart of the person making the duaa. So the heart does not turn to Allaah, and unify its energy in asking for it while it makes the duaa, so it is like a very weak bow, from which the arrow leaves with weakness."

Another cause for which the duaa is not answered is the presence of a preventing factor, such as eating haram sustenance, or being unjust, or there being a layer of filth due to sins over the heart, or that the heart has been overtaken by play and heedlessness." (ad-Dawa Dawaa) Furthermore, the famous ascetic and worshipper, Ibrahim ibn Adham was once asked, Why is it that we make duaa yet they are not responded to?" He replied: "Because you know AIlaah, yet do not obey Him And you know the Prophet but do not follow his Sunnah And you know the Quran, but you do not act upon it. And you eat from the blessings of Allaah, but do not express gratitude for it And you know Paradise, yet do not strive for it And you know the Fire of Hell, yet do not run away from it. And you know Shaytan, but you do not fight him, and instead obey him And you know death, but you do not prepare yourselves for it. And you bury the dead from it. And you have left your own faults, and instead busy yourself with the faults of others (ar-Radi)

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