1-I'tikaaf is to be in seclusion for the purpose of worship.

2-It is a kind of worship done only in the masjid (mosque).

3-Doing it in one of the three mosques earns more reward.

4-Its ruling is Sunnah not waajib.

5-But it becomes waajib(compulsory) if one vows to.

6-Al-'itikāf is done at any time of the day or the night of any month.

7-Full-day, half-day, an hour or less counts on the I'tikaaf.

8-Intention should be established for Alllaah just like other devotions.

9-Conditioning is also accepted but before the commencement.

10-An instance is to attend to a necessary service(s).

11-Mu'takif is a man doing I'tikaaf, Mu'takifah is the opposite sex.

12-Mu'takaf is the place of I'tikaaf, the masjid.

13-Mu'takif is not allowed to leave the mu'takaf or be outside the masjid.

14-He should not visit the sick or follow the corpse to the graveyard.

15-He should not have sexual intercourse with his wife or have a romantic play.

16-If he is out for his basic needs he should return immediately.

17-Travelling for Mu'takaf (masjid) is not allowed, that is only permitted for one of the 3 great mosques(Masjidul Haraam, Masjidun Nabawiyy and Masjidul Aqşa).

18-Don't abandon your obligatory act for I'tikaaf, this is a big error some fall into.

19-Attending to one's parent is obligatory, that should not be exchanged for I'tikaaf.

20-Fasting is not a condition for the I'tikaaf, the non-fasting Muslim can perform it.

21- It is recommended for the mu'takif to engage in all kinds of permissibke zikr.

22-I'tikaaf is recommended not waajib in the last 10 days of Ramadaan.

23-If one intends for Night I'tikaaf he should enter the mu'takaf before the sunset.

24-For a day, he should enter before the sunset and leave after the sunset.

25-For a day without night, he should enter before the sunrise and leave after the sunset.

26-For last ten days of Ramadan, he should enter in the night of 21st, after Subh of 20th is the best.

27-He should leave in the morning of 30th .

28 - I'tikāf does not prevent correting evil or enjoying good.

29-Worldly discussions, political debate or football analysis should be avoided.

30- Religious learning or interlocution with moderacy is allowed.

-Abu Lubaabah 2017.

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