Why the Answer to duaa may be delayed

The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) reassured us that a persons duaa will be accepted if he follows the etiquettes of making duaa. However, the acceptanceof a duaa might be in a manner that is not apparent. It is possible that Allaah will give him the reward of his duaa on the Day of Judgment, and this reward will be more beloved to him on that Day than the response of his duaa in this life. It is also possible that Allaah blesses him with something else that he did not ask for, as a result of his duaa. Lastly, it is possible that Allaah averts an evil that was predestined for him because of his duaa.

So when a person realizes this, then how can he despair at his duaa not being answered? Does he not realize that the response of the duaa is guaranteed by Allaah? Perhaps the duaa has been responded to in ways that he does not see, but of surety, if he is performing duaa properly, it must be answered.

Allaah Will Manifest His Names and Attributes: The fact that a persons duaa is responded to or is notis an indication and manifestation of many of Allaah's Names and Attributes. Of these Names is: aL-Muti (the One that Gives), aL-Maani(the One that Withholds), al-Hakam (the One that Judges and Decrees), al-Adl (the All-Just), al-Karim (the Ever-Generous), aL-Hakim (the All-Wise), and many others.

Whether a persons duaa is answered or not, all of these Names, and more, are manifested in Allaahs Decrees. So when He gives, He gives out of His Generosity, and when He withholds, He withholds out of Power, Wisdom, and Justice. So a person should keep the Names and Attributes of Allaah in mind when his duaa is not responded to, for in this is a great manifestation of these Names and Attributes.

The Perfection of Worship: Finally, one of the greatest benefits and wisdom of a delayed response is that it perfects a persons worship and eeman of Allaah. And this is the very purpose of creation! So when a persons duaa is not responded to, let him ponder over the ways that this increases his eeman, and sharpens his servitude to Allaah, and perfects his humbleness to the Creator.

So this delay in response is actually a cleansing experience and a purification for the Muslim, for it forces him to reexamine his relationship with Allaah, and try to strengthen it. And had his duaa been responded to immediately, then this examination would not have occurred, nor would any extra good come out of it. But in this delay, a person, as it were, finds himself, and this, in and of itself, is a great blessing from Allaah.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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