Why the Answer Duaa may be delayed

It is indeed a great trial for a Muslim to make duaa, sincerely and properly, continually, for a long period of time, and yet see no sign of response. Here, a persons eemaan in Allaah is truly tested. And here is the opportunity that Shaytan uses to try to sow his whispers, and plant his doubts in a believers heart. In this way a person might start having evil thoughts about his Creator, or start doubting the wisdom of the Divine Decree.

So whoever falls into this, should immediately seek Allaahs refuge from Shaytaan, and turn to Allaah sincerely, making yet another duaa: that he be saved from Shaytaans evil plots, and that he granted patience to withstand the test that he is undergoing. He should also ponder over his own limited knowledge and intelligence, and realize the infinite Knowledge of Allaah, and the extreme wisdom behind any Divine act. At the same time, he should realize the great blessings that Allaah has given to mankind when He guaranteed a response to all duaas, as long as the duaa conforms to all the necessary etiquette, and there are no prohibiting factors found in the one making it.

So every duaa al-Ibaadah is responded to by giving the doer rewards in this life and the Hereafter, and every duaa al-masalah is responded to by giving what was asked, or something equivalent to it, or by averting some evil that was to befall the one making duaa, or by giving him reward equivalent to his du aa on the Day of Judgment.

So even when ones duaa is apparently not responded to, h should realize that the actual response might not be what he presumes, and it is, in fact, possible that his duaa has already been answered, without his even knowing it! A Muslim should understand that there are many wisdoms behind the delayed responses of a duaa, whether he realizes it or not. All of Allaahs decrees are wise, and, although it is not possible that we fully and truly comprehend all the Divine Wisdom behind an act, it is possible that we glean some of the benefits of a Decree.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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