Computer Science is available as a four-year program in virtually all the Universities in Nigeria except in the Universities of Technology, where it is offered as a Five-year program (the extra one year provides for industrial training). At the Senior Secondary School Certificate, you’ll require at least credit in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and any other subject. In some institutions Economics is required as the fifth subject. The JAMB subjects are basically the physical sciences Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and of course English. Basically, the study of Computer science tutors one how to instruct the Computer to carry out various functions.

An intending Computer Scientist must therefore be logical in his approach on issues, be widely read, and generally willing to keep pace with what is happening in the world around him. The First Year In the first year, you will be given a basic introduction to Computer Science and have to take courses in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and General Studies. Second Year The second year offers courses in programming languages-Pascal, Fortran, Cobolt, Assembling language, Basic, Visual Basic Delphi, Java, C+. You will also be taught the theory behind programming, Algorithm, Operating System, Statistics, Mathematics Circuit Design and Computer electronics.

Third Year In the third year, you’ll be introduced to Computer Construction, File Management, and you will be further exposed to more Operating Systems. In most Universities this is the seminar year where you'll be asked to pick a topic (relevant to your field!), research on it, and then present it before an audience (part of whom know more about the topic than you!). This is basically to test your ability and knowledge about the subject matter. Fourth Year In the fourth year, youll be taught Finite Automation and Tuning Machines, Communication System, Operating System and of course you will be required to work on a project. In the Universities of Technology, the fourth year offers the student opportunity for a one-year industrial training while the courses mentioned above are taught in the fifth year. Job Opportunities The computer field is no doubt one of the fastest growing fields around the world today.

Little wonder our current period is referred to as the computer age. Nobody really wants to be left out in the race and every organization-big or small is most willing to tag along. Basically, the greatest asset of the Computer Scientist is his programming skills. There is hardly any set of office operation or regularly repeated activities that cannot be computerized. All it takes is to write a suitable program. Therefore, in any organization where there is a desire to keep up with the pace of technology, save time, and maximize efficiency, there is a job for a Computer Scientist. The Muslim Computer Scientist As a Muslim Computer Scientist, take care so that you will not be using your programming skills unknowingly in support of that which is haraam. Remember, what Allaah has commanded us is to " ...Help one another in piety and righteousness, not in sin and transgression" (Q5:2)


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