Question: Who is a graphic designer?

Answer: Graphic design is the art of integrating text, typography, and illustrations in the production of books and magazines. Therefore, we can say the graphic designer is the person who has acquired the skills in graphic designs and practice it. A graphic designer can also be said to be someone who expresses a concept, text and/or design so that an onlooker will be able to understand what the designer has in mind.

Question: What does it take to be a graphic designer?

Answer: First, we must realise that graphic designing is more of a talent and innate skill than anything else. However, .some people have acquired this skill and are doing well with it. Apart from this, the person who wants to acquire this skill must be intelligent, and must be able to retain a lot of information. This he will be able to do by practicing what he has learnt constantly and repeatedly. He should also be patient as well as ask a question whenever he does not understand anything. All these are important because this skill is a very technical skill. The person who is going to acquire this skill must at-least have a minimum of secondary school leaving certificate because of the level of its technicality. Question: How many years does it take to acquire this skill? Answer: It takes between two to four years to acquire and master it efficiently. Answer: Anybody can acquire this skill; male or female.

A Muslim woman does not need to leave her house to practice this skill without any problem. Also, the people with some physical disabilities can practice it. Instruments of the graphic designer Although the graphic designer can practice his skill with virtually nothing, but his output becomes better if he/she the person has the following instruments and accessories: Computer systems Software Printer e.t.c.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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