Question: Who is a GSM Engineer?

Answer: A GSM engineer or technician is a person who repairs phones especially the mobile phones. However, it is expected that a competent GSM engineer should be able to handle all kinds of phones irrespective of whether it is mobile land phones. Basically, there are two aspects of GSM technical repairs; the software and the hardware parts. The hardware is the one that deals with the physical parts of the phone. i.e. those parts that can be seen or touched while software technical repairs has to do with those components that can neither be seen nor can they be touched. My own specialty is the hardware.

Question: What does it take to be a GSM Engineer?

Answer: A person who wants to be a GSM engineer should be patient, intelligent, and pay attention to every detail. Also, he should be someone who is not shy to ask questions whenever the does not understand anything in the process of learning. It is important that the person should be educated to the secondary school level. This is because there are some technicalities that are involved that only someone with a minimum of secondary education can fully understand. Also, secondary school education should give him the mastery of education which he needs to interact With a wide variety of clients.

Question: Who can be a GSM Engineer?

Answer: This skill can be acquired by both the male and the female. It does not really involve so much stress and therefore, the female can acquire the skill and also practice it. It is better, stated above, that the person should be educated at least up to the secondary s level.

Question: How many years does it take to learn it?

Answer: It takes about 4-7 months to fully acquire the basic skills that are required. This of course depends on how quickly the person involved is able to understand what he or she is being au ht. Other skills will-be acquired as on-the-job training.

Question: What is the importance of GSM Engineers to the society?

Answer: GSM Engineers are very important to our present-day society because of the widespread usage of GSM phones the in the country. Most people now use GSM phones and because some of them will break down and need repair, the Engineer becomes very important to the society.

Instruments and accessories of the GSM Engineer

1.Work station: This is used for heating up the panel so that it will be easy to work on.

2.Set of screwdrivers: This is used for loosening and tightening screws on the phones.

3.Pickers : This is a magnetic device that is used for picking screws and other similar components of the phone.

4.Meter This is used for testing and reading which part of the phone is working and which is not in order to know where to work on.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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