Technical skills: Tailoring

Question: Who is a Tailor?

Answer: A tailor is a person who designs and sows clothing material into something that can be worn or finished product. A tailor also repairs clothing material whose thread may have loosen out or which is torn.

Question: What does it take to be a tailor?

Answer: Tailoring requires that the apprentice should be patient and should also be keen to learn. The person should be somebody who has an inquisitive mind and should ask question whenever he does not understand anything.

Also, the person who is going to learn tailoring should at least have a primary school leaving certificate. This is because in tailoring, there is always a need to measure, add, subtract and write. This is only possible if someone have a considerable level of education.

Question: Who can be a Tailor?

Answer: Tailoring skills can be acquired by anyone i.e. the male and the female. Also, tailoring is very flexible. This is because a male can learn to make the dresses of female and at the same time sew that of a male. The same thing applies for the female. If a tailor specializes in the sewing of male and female clothing at the same time, such a person is called a unisex designer.

Another advantage that tailoring has is that it give room for people with some disabilities to practice it. For someone who is lame, there are machines that can be operated with the use of the hand only.

Question: How many years does it take to learn tailoring?

Answer: It takes between 2 ½ - 4years to fully acquire this skill depending on how quick the person who is learning is able understand.

Question: What is the importance of tailors to the society?

Answer: Tailors are very important to the society. This is because we can not put on our clothing material without having to sew them first. That is why it is one the oldest skills that people have always acquired.

The instruments of a Tailor.

  1. Tape Rule: This is used for measuring cloth as well as the customer for whom we are sewing.
  2. Scissors: This is used for cutting material into sizes.
  3. Needle and hand needle: Used for sewing as well as tacking buttons to clothing.
  4. Sewing Machine: This is the major and the most important instrument for sewing.
  5. Pressing Iron: For smoothening the clothing that is being made.

The accessories of a tailor include, machine oil, thimble, chalk, pencil and ruler, office pin etc.


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