Alhamdulilah! The first term holidays have come and gone with many sweet memories for many of us. Unlike most years, this year holiday was "deliciously prolonged" by the Eid-el-Adha celebrations that further postponed the resumption date of most schools. We pray to Allaah to make us witness many more holidays and Eids in future (Amin). As you adjust back to school life and the various aspects of it, both the interesting, the boring and the annoying or fearful, take a good look around you; how many of your class or school mates came back to school this term? Or better still how many of them did not come back, One, two, three or more than that. Did you bother to find out why they did not come back? May be you did or still may be you did not bother, after all "you are in school and that is what matters most." That would be too bad on your part especially if these children are Muslims like you. You owe them the duty of finding out about their welfare. Remember, Allaah says in the Quran

"Believers are brethren." (Q49:10).

Also, being your "brother’s keeper" strengthens the bonds of friendship between you and makes the other person feel loved and cared for. So, if you did not bother to ask before, go ahead and do so today. Who knows, that person may need a friend and listening ear. Did it occur to you that the reason that person has not turned up in school may have been because his parents cannot come up with his school fees? Some parents have serious headache and sleepless nights as soon as the end of each term approaches over how to raise the next terms school fees. Some parents get neck-deep in debt just to pay children’s school fees and keep borrowing on and on just to send their children to school. And Allaah is our source of help! How soon were your own fees paid and are you not then lucky to be in school with neat or new uniforms, shoes, bags, books and even goodies that make school something to look forward to? I hope you’re agreeing with me and saying Alhamdulilah!

Those whose fees have not been paid still have something to be thankful for. At least they are still alive; some children did not return to school because they are dead! A heart-shattering example can be seen in those children who died in the Sosoliso air crash that happened in December. How would it have felt to be in that crash? Im so sure that the last thing on the minds of those children at the time of the crash was school! Imagine how their parents would have felt, looking forward to seeing ones child at the end of the term and spending the holidays together only to watch the plane in which the child travelled crash and burn to ashes! As Muslims, we know that nothing happens without Allaah’s knowledge. No leaf drops from any tree without Allaah’s knowledge.

Still we pray for Allaah’s protection in all we do. But, are we not lucky to be alive? How many of us travelled by air during that period and we had no accident? We travel by road everyday and we are still alive. Not everyone is that lucky. So many children are lying critically ill and wounded in hospitals as a result of various accidents and ailments. But we are hale and hearty. We should see this as a great favour from Allaah because we may not be better than this unfortunate children. We should also thank Allaah for making it possible to be back in school and pray that he grants us understanding and retentive memory in our studies. We pray also that he protects us from all evils during this term and afterwards.

"Which of the favours of your Lord do you deny? Soorah Ar Rahman (Q 55).


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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