Question: Who is an Auto Electrician?

Answer: An auto electrician commonly known as Rewire, deals with the wiring system of all kinds of vehicles. They repair boy parts of vehicles such as the alternator, wiper, lighting system; full-light, rear-light, trafficators etc.

Question: What does it take to be an Auto electrician?

Answer: Somebody who intends to learn the art pays certain amount of money known as agreement to his boss before he starts his apprenticeship. Also, the person who wants to learn the art needs to be intelligent because it is very technical job. Apart from this, he should pay attention to every detail, ask questionswhenever he does not understand anything and should be patient.

The person needs a certain level of education because the kind of vehicles that are being produced nowadays comes with certain instruction that should be followed; otherwise it could lead to causing damages to the car. He also needs education because he needs to communicate with his clients who may not understand his own local language.

Question: Who can be an Auto electrician?

Answer: This skill can be acquired and be practised by both the male and the female. It is not stressful what it requires is intelligence which make it easy for anybody to acquire the skill.

Question: How long does it take to acquire the skill?

Answer: It takes a minimum of two years for someone who is intelligent to fully acquire the skill and four years for someone is a slow or average learner. Other skills can be acquired as the person matures on the job.

Instruments and accessories of Auto electrician

1. Spanners, Pliers screw-drivers: These are all used to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts on the vehicle.

2. Hammers: This are used for hitting parts of the vehicle that there is need for when working.

3. Super-glue: This is used for holding broken but not totally damaged parts of the lighting device together.

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