QUESTION: Who is an Estate manager?

ANSWER: An Estate manager is a person who has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills required in the fields of valuation, agency and management.

Valuation: is the ability to determine empirically the value/price of a property given the willing buyer and seller in a fair market.

Agency: It is the ability to offer a property for sale. i.e. market or procure on behalf of ones client.

Management: It is the art of co-coordinating, controlling and directing activities as regards a property in order to bring or achieve the best use and returns to ones client.

Question: What does it take to be an Estate manager?

Answer: In the secondary school one has to be a science student and do subjects like Chemistry, Physics, English language, Mathematics, Biology, Geography and other subjects. You must also be able to get at least a credit pass in them. for also have to pass JAMB.

Different Universities have their cut-off points that you have to meet. Apart from this, you also have to pass the newly introduced post-JAMB examination.

QUESTION: How many years are needed to study Estate Management?

Answer: It takes 5 years to study it in the University. You also have to do Industrial training in-between it. As for the person who goes through the polytechnic system, it is 4 years of academic work; 2 years for the OND and another 2 years for the HND. You also have to do 1 year of industrial training which makes it a total of 5 years.

QUESTION: After graduation what next?

Answer: After graduation you have to go for a compulsory National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] program. It is after this, that you are qualified as an Estate Manager.

QUESTION: What further education path can be taken as an Estate Manager? Answer: One can specialize i.e. do your masters program in any of the fields that have been mentioned earlier. You may also take some professional examination like Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers [NIESV], Royal Institute Of Chattered Surveyors [RICS] etc. If you want to pursue a career in the academics, you may obtain a PhD and later become a professor in your chosen field.

Question: What is your advice for the youths? Answer: Being a lucrative profession, a lot of people from other professions have come into it, therefore, you must be ready to take the relevant professional exams in other for you to have an edge over them. Also, you should stick to the ideals of Islam and not fall engaging transactions that may tarnish your image as a Muslim.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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