AIRPLANES: Airplanes are a relatively recent invention. The first one flew just over 100 years ago. As little as 50 years ago, only small numbers of people had ridden an airplane. Today, air travel is one of the most on means of transportation hundreds of thousands of people fly on airplanes every year. You buy your ticket. You pack your suitcase. Then, off you go to the airport. The airport is where planes take off and land. An agent takes your suitcase. You go to a gate (loading and unloading area) and get on your plane. There are rows and rows of seats. You sit down next to a window. You fasten your seat belt. You are ready to takeoff.

PARTS OF AN AIRPLANE: The place where you sit is called the cabin. The cabin is in a long tube called the body, or fuselage, of the airplane. The front of the fuselage is called the nose. The pilot and copilot sit in the cockpit right behind the nose. The pilot steers the plane in the cockpit. Your suitcase is stowed in the cargo hold under the cabin. Two big wings stick out from the fuselage. In back of the wings are moveable parts called flaps and ailerons.

These parts help control the plane. A big tail sticks up from the end of the fuselage. A rudder, located on the back of the tail, helps the plane turn left and right. Sets of wheels sit underneath the airplane. The airplane rolls on the wheels before it takes off and go up into fuselage when the plane is in the air .They come down before the plane lands. 

AIRPLANE ENGINES: There are different kinds of airplane engines. Propeller engines turn propellers on the nose or on the wings. Propellers pull an airplane through the air. . Jet engines suck air in. They heat the air and shoot it out of the back of the engine. Jet engines push the plane through the air. Turboprops are a combination, using the power of a jet engine to turn a propeller.

HOW PLANES TAKE OFF: Airplanes are heavier than air. They need to go fast in order to fly. Engines and wings make a plane fly. An airplane builds up speed on a runway. Runways at airports are long concrete strips. Runways in some faraway places can be level places made of dirt or grass. Some planes can even take off on water. When the plane is going fast enough, the pilot takes it up into the air. To be concluded next edition insha Allaah.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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