Blood is a substance that is found in all human beings. It runs through our veins and is so important that we cannot survive without it. Most of us hardly give any thought to our blood except when we have wounds and bleed or in uncommon cases when we have to donate blood to others or have our blood tested for one reason or the other. Have you ever sat to think why our blood is red and not green or blue or any other colour? To get our answer ,we have to understand that our blood contains different materials and cells which have different functions. For instance, there is the plasma which makes up more than half of the blood and is the liquid portion of the blood.

It is light yellow in colour and is thicker than water. Maybe that explains the saying "Blood is thicker than water." There are also other substances which include the red blood cells and antibodies that fight diseases. These red blood cells are encased in blood vessels which colour the blood. Since there are about 35 trillion of these tiny, round, flat discs circulating in ones body at anyone time, it is not surprising that they lend their red colour to the blood.

The blood also contains fibrinogen which helps the blood to clot when we bleed. Imagine what it would feel like if we had injuries and our blood refuses to clot or thicken at a point and continues gushing out. Would we not be scared of bleeding to death? Some people actually experience this. Such people have a disorder known as haemophilia. This is an inherited condition which is passed on to them through one family member or the other. They also run the risk of bleeding internally when they have accidents. How would we feel to be in their shoes? Do we ever wonder how our blood circulates through our body without even the tiniest drop spilling? This is one of the many wonders and favours of Allaah.

Unlike cars that need to refill the petrol or diesel they consume, we do not need to consume more blood to replace the amounts that we use up. Why? The answer is simple. We simply need to eat food or drink water or fluids and they in turn get broken down to substances that end up boosting our blood supply all because Allaah has made it so. Our blood also performs some functions in our body.

They include transporting oxygen from the lungs to body tissues and transporting waste products for excretion, it regulates the clotting of blood and helps to maintain acid-base balance and also protects us from harmful organisms through white cells and the antibodies it contains. Our blood also helps to distribute heat throughout the body and the skin surface from where it is later lost to the environment. The blood in our body is so important that in cases of accidents and surgeries where people lose a lot of blood, efforts are desperately made to get people to donate blood to save their lives.

No matter how young or old we are, we cannot survive without blood. One of the great wonders of Allaah is that despite how well scientists have studied and seem to understand the components of the human blood, they have not been able to produce it (Subhanallah!) We should be grateful to Allaah if we do not suffer from any blood diseases. Even if we do, we should be patient and thank Allaah for even being alive afterall, we cannot survive with only water flowing through our veins! "Which of the favours of Allaah will you deny?" -SoorahAr-Rahman (55).

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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