Cells, Tissues & organs

The human body functions and is formed much like our world; made of individuals who cooperate and form family units and from these emerge hamlets" villages, towns, cities, etc. In the formation of the human body, very little units join to form a bigger assembly and all these have their functions linked together and form a generalized functions. In increasing order of complexity, the body is composed of Cells===Tissues====Organs====System

CELL: This is the basic unit of all living organism which can reproduce itself. This name was coined due to similitude between this basic unit and the small rooms in which nuns lived. Complex organisms such as men are built up of millions of cells; each one specially adapted to carry out particular functions. Cells that perform similar tasks distinguish themselves in structure and function; this is known differentiation. Hence we have different type of cells: blood cells, liver cells, sex cells, etc. The sex cells are sperms in the male ova [singular ovum] in the female.

A cell has within its structures what helps to sustain it. These structures are called organelles (e.g. mithocondria (energy house), nucleus (information centre), etc. All these organelles are dispersed in a fluid called cytoplasm and everything wrapped up in a sac the cell membrane.

Tissue: A collection of cells specialized to perform a particular function; the cells may be of the same type e.g. nervous tissue (these carry information through the body, much like wires carrying electricity), or of different type of cells e.g. in connective tissue (these are found in our skin).

Organ: Aggregation of tissues makes up organs. Each organ has a particular, function e.g. lungs for breathing, heart for pumping blood etc.

System: A system is a group of organs and tissues associated with a particular physiological function such as the nervous system or respiratory. It is worth nothing that though the lungs are used for breathing, they are not the only organs involved. The different systems in the body work hand in hand to constitute body functions which help us in carrying out our daily activities like eating, excretion etc.


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