Another harmattan season is here. Some of us are actually relieved that he rains are over because of all the wetness, cold and mud that we had to endure. It is such a relief to go out without needing umbrellas, raincoats and other things that would keep us from getting wet. We also do not need to bother so much about cutting the grass or bushes around us that keep growing in the rainy season. As uncomfortable as the rainy season can be, it is no doubt one of the wonders and mercies from Allaah. He (SWT) says:

"Then tell Me about the water that you drink. Is it you who cause it from the rain clouds to come down, are we the Cause of it to come down? If we willed, We verily could make it salt (undrinkable): why then do you not give thanks (to Allaah)? Q: 56 (al-Waqiah): 68-70.

The rains serve many good purposes in our lives. For one, it keeps the weather cool and we do not have to complain of heat or suffer heat rashes during this period. Those of us who live in areas where dean water is hard to come by also see the rains as a blessing because we can easily place containers out in the rain and collect water which is very pure. Imagine how much we save by doing this! There is no doubt that this season is also important for the growth of our crops.

As Allaah sends down the rain to shower our plants, they experience growth and produce fruits that benefit us. Any year when rainfall is not experienced as much as it should be is followed by complaints by the farmers a fall in the harvest and an increase in the price of food items. How would it feel to go through the serious heat of the dry season with the hope that the rains will be coming soon to cool the air and bring relief to us only for the rains to refuse to fall? What would we do about the water scarcity that will result when our wells start drying up and even the Water Corporation cannot supply enough water to meet our needs? What of the foodstuff that we may not be able to afford because of the increase in prices as a result of the drought, and of course, the heat! That is the most unbearable. Just imagine, no water, serious heat and of course no electricity to cool off the air because the dams that are our source of electricity are drying up! How enjoyable will we find life then? Some people actually go through all this.

Some parts of the Northern Nigeria experience serious drought even at times when we are complaining of too much rain. Some of them have to make Dua to ask Allaah to send down the rains to ease their hardship. Some people live in arid areas (like deserts) where rains hardly ever fall. Would we rather change places with them? The rains may bring along with them some form of hardship like floods which in some cases are caused by our own carelessness, but they are still one of the countless mercies bestowed on us by Allaah. Let us always remember to thank Allaah whenever we see the dark clouds gathering in the sky. Thank Him In the hot season too, because you feel all this because you are alive! ,

Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?" -Soorah 55 (Ar-Rahman).


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