Welding as a profession

Who is a Welder?

A welder is a person whose job is to carry out welding of metals. He can also be called a metal worker. To weld one piece of metal to another means to join them by heating the edges and putting them together so that they may cool and harden into one piece. What does it take to be a welder? The two most important "subjects" that somebody who wants be a metal worker should be good at are patience and commitment. These will make it easy for the person to be able to acquire the skills easily.

Who can be a welder?

Because of the nature of the job, it is better and preferable that it is the male who learns and practice welding. How many years does it require to learn welding and be competent? If a person has SSCE and is endowed with intelligence, he will require up to three years. But if he is not educated up to that level, it will be better for the person to spend up to five years for him to be competent. Importance of welders to the society Welders are very important to the society due to the role they play.

First and foremost the Prophet told us that the best meal that anybody can eat is that which he has earned with his own hand. (Bukhari) this is general about every kind of technical skills which welding is also one of them. Welders are very important when it comes to every kind of construction. Be it bridge construction, residential building, metal furniture, fabrication of other peoples instrument etc.

The required welding tools

A welder must have the following tools; welding machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, riveting, table vice, hammers, chisels, hack-saw frame, welding goggle etc. What a welder must know concerning his tools. A welder is required to maintain his tools and keep them in good condition in order to protect them from damage. Every tool has one correct and many incorrect methods of use. When used incorrectly, unnecessary damage is done to the tool and this will lead to a shorter life span for the tool. A good metal worker should keep all his tools clean at all times. When not in use, it should not be careless about them. He should have a tool box where all his equipment is kept.

A welder must know how to weld vertically, horizontally and perpendicularly. He must also know how to cut metal in straight and level form. What a welder must avoid. A welder must not weld or operate any machine when it is raining. He must also avoid welding barefooted to avoid electric-shock. Also, welding without goggles should be avoided as it may damage the vision of the person. We should also avoid inhaling the smoke that comes as a result of the burning of the electrode. This can be done by putting on nose-mask before he starts welding.


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