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One of the things that have become an "unavoidable" part of our lives, especially in the cities and towns, is the television. This was not the case some thirty years ago as there were only a few households that could boast of one television set. Nowadays, it will be "unimaginable" to find an adult or a household that does not have one to himself. There is no doubt that television has brought about great changes in the way we live our lives. It has made us to be aware of what is going on within our immediate environment and beyond it. This is with regards to the fact that we listen and watch and news current affairs programme on it. Another benefit that is derived from television are the various educational programmes that are presented to us on it.

Some of them are Islamic programmes where you can learn about the religion while some others are that those that helps us in our academic or life pursuit. These obvious advantages would make it odd for anyone to say it is not permissible to own or watch television. However, we should weigh the benefits against the harm that comes with watching TV! Apart from these two benefits mentioned above, it is difficult to think of any other significant benefit to us as teenagers in particular, and the people in general from watching TV.

As a matter of fact there appears to be more evil in watching the TV than the good that we can get from it. In our local environment for example, the many of the programmes either teach us things that may lead us to Kufr, teach us immorality or violence. Or how else, would one describe the movies where evil incantations are chanted freely? or the one that ritual murder is practiced? In films like these, some messages are being passed across to us and though, we may deny it, but they do affect us. Watching such films weaken our reliance on Allaah; and when there is a need for them to solve a problem, we may end up seeking solution from other than Allaah.

As for immorality, some of the programmes are tutorial classes for promiscuity. Many of the programmes that we watch readily feature a man and a woman who are kissing, a woman who is not properly dressed or total strangers acting as couples! It has also been reported in some countries that there were instances where young people took weapons to school and killed their fellow students and wounded others. Incidences like these can not be separated from what these young people see everyday on TV. This is because these things are presented to them in a "cool and acceptable" way, therefore they see nothing wrong in putting them into action.

Another time, the least that can be said of TV is that some programmes are "time wasters". Now, ask yourself the question; "why do you want to waste your time? Is it because you don’t have anything to learn again in terms of the religion or your academic (school) work?" The best time to drop the addiction called TV is now as are rounding up Ramadan. This is the month where the days are precious and nights are even more, so each time you feel like just watching anything make sure it is something that is permissible if not, it is better to go and have a good sleep. Remember what Allaah says:

"And follow not (0 man i.e., say not or do not witness) that of which you have no knowledge. Verily! The hearing, and the sight and the heart, each of those will be questioned (by Allaah). (Q 17:36)


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited


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