DEFINITION: Circumcision is the surgical removal of skin surrounding the head of the boys penis and the skin hanging above the girl's vagina.

PRESCRIPTION: The proof of this is reported from Abu Hurayrah (RA) that Rasulullah (peace be upon him) said; The fitrah (natural way) is five: .circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, trimming the mustache, clipping the nails, and plucking the armpits.(Bukhari)

RULING: The correct view is that male circumcision is an obligation, insha Allah, based on the evidences below:

a) Allah ordered the Rasul (peace be upon him) to follow Ibraheem's way in Q16:123, "Then we have inspired you (O Muhammad) saying: follow the religion of Ibraheem Hanifa  circumcision was one of his ways.

b) The Rasul (peace be upon him) ordered a man who entered Islam to get himself circumcised, saying to him "remove the hair of unbelief and get yourself circumcised." [AHMED] Male circumcision is:

(a) Recommended on the 7 day after birth 

(b) Permissible before the 1" or afterwards but before puberty.

c) Compulsory before puberty because it is the time when actions of worship become obligatory and it (worship) wont be correct for a male unless he is circumcised.

FOR GIRLS: Although scholars say it is obligatory, say it is only recommended and not an obligation. The evidence of this is the saying of-the Rasul (peace be upon him) pertaining to ghusl that "when the two circumcised parts unite then bathing becomes obligatory" (Ahmad). And also his saying to a female circumciser: "when you circumcise, then don't cut severely, since that is better for her and more pleasing to the husband."  (Abu Dawud)

MEDICALLY: Medical doctors have confirmed the i benefits of both male and female circumcision. It has been established that

a) The number of red blood cells increases hours after birth, and then falls and reaches the lowest level between the 3 and 7 day. This causes a counter-effect to any infection due to a wound or inflammation.

b) Bacteria also reach the intestine so that Vitamin K is produced to prevent heamorrhage, which stops completely after this week. {This is an advantage of the 7" day.}


a) As the head of the fitrah, it is a sign and indication of Islam. It shows ones willing servitude to Allah.

b) Circumcision removes filth, and filth is not Islamic,

MEDICAL BENEFIT IN BOTH MALE AND FEMALES: Circumcision prevents infection due to microbes cause by retention of urine by the foreskin and narrowness of urinary exit. It also reduces infections with microbes gathering under clitoris of females. It also reduces lust and the ill effects produced by them as well as premature ejaculation, and it protects from diseases.

SOCIETY: Nowadays we have the UN fighting female circumcision to the neglect of civil unrest in many parts of Africa. This is popularly known as "FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" They have successfully tricked people into thinking that it is a primitive and uncivilised act.

On the other hand, as a measure to prevent female genital mutilation, Islam teaches that it is wrong, and that is why the Rasul (peace be upon him) admonished, as quoted above that; "When you circumcise, do not cut severely ... "

HOMERUN: Islam is against female genital mutiIation but supports circumcision.


 This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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