YUSUF (PBUH): Hero at Youth

Yusuf was a young man born of the generation of prophets. He became a hero very early in his life due to challenges and trials which he faced right from his childhood. Yusuf was young, handsome, charming, intelligent and destined to take over the mantle of prophet from his father. His father, Ya'qub (PBUH) loved him and his brother (Bunyamin) of the same mother more than all their other ten older brothers. Allah showed Yusuf (PBUH) his worth in a dream which he told his father:

"... O my father, I did see eleven stars and the Sun and the Moon: saw them prostrate themselves to me."(Q12:4).

His father warned him not to reveal this dream to his brother as it will increase their hatred.

His Trials: His brothers hated him so much that they planned to kill him but their wise father prevented them. After much pressure, Ya'qub (PBUH) agreed that his elder brothers could take him Yusuf (PBUH) with them to the wilderness. In the wilderness, the wicked brothers threw Yusuf into a well; without pity neither for him nor for their father. On their return home, they lied that Yusuf (PBUH) had been eaten by a wolf and they showed Yusuf's shirt dipped into a slaughtered ram's blood as evidence.

Allah consoled Yusuf (PBUH):

"Certainly, you shall (one day) tell them the truth of this their affair while they perceive not".(Q12: 15)

Shortly thereafter, some travellers got to the well and in their attempt to draw water, they saw Yusuf (PBUH) and took him as a slave. They sold him to an Egyptian Chief (the Aziz).

His Method: For no fault of his, Yusuf (PBUH) ended up in prison (Q12:33) for several years. In prison, he preached to people to abandon idolatry:

"And! Follow the ways of my fathers, Ibrahim, Isha’q, and Ya'qub and never could we attribute any partners whatever to Allah:that is the right religion, but most men understand not" (Q12:38-40)

Like his father, Yusuf (PBUH) was blessed with dream interpretation. When the King of Egypt had a strange dream wherein he saw seven fat cows eaten by seven thin cows, and seven full ears of corn and then seven withered ears, Yusuf (PBUH) was recommended by the King's wine-bottler (whom Yusuf (PBUH) had successfully. interpreted dreams for before in prison) for the interpretation. Yusuf (PBUH) translated the dream and advised the King: "You should plant your crops for seven years and leave the grain you harvest in the year except for a little which you eat. After that will come a drought of seven-years. After that, help will come and the people will have plenty". Because of this the King set Yusuf (PBUH) free and made him a chief in charge of the land's treasures.

His Triumph: Soon, his brothers came to Egypt looking for food. Yusuf (PBUH) asked them about their youngest brother, Bunyamin who was eventually brought to him. The brothers were tricked into thinking Bunyamin was a thief and thus was detained and Yaqub (PBUH) their father, was asked to come over. Bunyamin and Yusuf (PBUH) were happy to be back together, after such a long separation. When told that his youngest son has been detained for stealing, Yaqub (PBUH) put his trust in Allah:

"Yaqub said, "...patience is most fitting for me. Maybe Allah will bring them back to me (in the end), for He is indeed full of knowledge and wisdom"(Q12:83).

Yaqub (PBUH) sent his sons to go and attempt to bring Yusuf and Bunyamin, encouraging them not to give up (Q12:87). Thus, the brothers went and begged Yusuf (PBUH),and he reminded them of how they maltreated them (Bunyamin and himself) when they were young. Hence, they knew this Egyptian chief is their brother, Yusuf (PBUH).

They apologised and he forgave them and asked Allah's forgiveness for them (Q12:92). So Yusuf (PBUH) sent them to bring his father with his cloth (which restored Yaqub {PBUH)’s sight for he was growing blind (Q12:96). His father was happy, he also forgave them their previous sins and prayed for them. When they returned to Egypt, Yusuf

"…raised his parents high on the throne and they fell down in prostration, (all) before him…" (Q12: 100)

He stood up and declared:

"...O my father! This is the fulfilment of my vision of old! Allah has made it come true! He was indeed good to me… (even) after Shaytan had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Verily my Lord is gracious to whom He wills, for verily, He is full of knowledge and wisdom". (QI2:100)

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