The Similitude of Death and Human Beings

Its just like the interaction between the lion and deers. When the lion is hungry it goes out to search for food. It endeavours to catch at least one deer out of many grazing. In this process of trying to get one, they run for their lives, And eventually one is down as destined by Allaah. But funny enough, the deer soon gather afterward, they gather to continue their grazing as if nothing had happened until the hungry lion comes searching again!

Such is the scenario of humans and death. When death comes and one of us is gone, Everyone shivers, cry and grieve. But soon after, we continue with our daily activities. We live life normally as if nothing had happened, soon after death comes and someone is gone again, and the cycle continues. Lets live for the life to come because the present life is just a passage. May Allaah make our,last deeds be our best deeds.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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