In previous editions we have discussed the fact that Allaah knows all and that the pen was commanded to write all that shall exist from the time the pen was created until the Day of Resurrection. We have also stated that this writing is from the fore knowledge and that it has been inscribed in lawh al-Mahfooz! We have also stated that Allaah Wills and that everything in creation occurs according to His Knowledge and Will (Iraadalullaah al-Kaoniyyah) and the fact that His Legislations are also of His Wills (lraadatullah ash-Shariyyah).

All these have been mentioned with the fact that every thing in creation is created by Allaah including the actions of men. Here, Insha Allaah we shall establish the fact that all that has been mentioned above form the various stages of qadar and we shall give illustrations.

The One Who Performs Salaah

For a servant who performs salaah, it is part of the qadar of Allaah that he performs the salaah and this can be explained based on the stages of qadar as follows:

The fact that the servant would perform the Salaah is in the fore knowledge of Allaah and is written in al-Laoh al-Mahfooz.

The fact that there should be an act to be performed by the servant which brings him close to His Lord is of what He Wills in creation (lraadatullaah al-Kaoniyyah) and the fact that Salaah is obligatory upon the servant (which the servant can perform or abandon at his will) is from Allaahs legislative will (lraadalullahi ash-Shariyyah).The action of the servant to perform the salaah is created by Allaah.

The One who Drinks Alcohol

For the slave who drinks alcohol for example, it is part of the qadar of Allaah that he drinks the alcohol and this can also be understood based on the stages qadar. The fact that the slave would consume alcohol is in the fore knowledge of AIlaah and this fact is written in the Lawh al-Mahfooz. Allaah who willed water in creation also willed that alcohol is in creation (Iraadatullaah al- Kaoniyyah) and prohibits the consumption of alcohol out of His Will (Iraadatullah ash- Shariyyah) which can be obeyed of disobeyed by the servant. The act of the actual consumption is also created since there exists only the Creator and the created and since the act is not the creator it is definitely created by the Creator. We hope that Allaah makes us all understand the matter better than it has been illustrated. Ameen.


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