99 Names of Allaah

" Lord of the Heavens and of the earth ... know you of any who is worthy of the same name as Him?" (Q19:65)


Allah is al-ism al-a 'zam, the Greatest Name which contains all the divine and beautiful attributes and is the sign of the Essence and the cause of all existence.

Allah, the cause of all existence, does not resemble in any way any of His creation. Allah is Allah's name only. Nothing else can in any way assume this name nor share it. As it is said in the Quran,

Hal ta 'lamulahu samiyan -" know you of any who is worthy of the same name as Him?" (19:65).

The name Allah contains five meanings, qualities that indicate the non-resemblance of Allah to anything else. They are:

Qidam: He was before the first. He did not become. He always was.

Baqa: He is Eternal; He always will be.

Wahdaniyyah: He is unique, without partner, without resemblance, the cause of all. All is in need of Him, all has become by the order "Be!” and will cease to be by His order.

Mukhalafatun lil-hawadlth: He is the Creator. Bearing no resemblance to the created.

Qiyam bi-nafsihi: He is self-existent, without any needs.

All is perfection. The extent of this perfection is infinite.. The greatest name, Allah, contains eight essentials indicating the perfection of Allah:

Hayyah: Allah is Ever-Living

'Jim: Allah is All-Knowing.

Sami': Allah is All-Hearing.

Basar: Allah is All-Seeing.

Iradah: Allah's Will is His.

Qudrah: All power is His.

Takwln: All existence and actions depend upon Him.

Kalam: The word, all that is said and taught, is His.    

The servant of Allah can relate to the divine name Allah, which encompasses all names, is devoid of all faulty attributes, and contains all attributes of perfection, by seeking a wish in himself to become a perfect man. In this attempt, he could try to eliminate what is faulty in himself, and try to increase what is good in himself. ‘Abdullah is a servant who has received the highest level of honour which is possible to attain within creation, because the Creator with the secrets of all His attributes is manifested in him. Abdullah who does not exhibit the traits of Allah's servant does not befit the name.

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